Gayle Gover – Style Coach

Gayle – Following our Wardrobe De-clutter session, you will be pleased to know I had a car boot sale with all the things we threw out and raised £240.00 – so I am a happy girl.  Everything in my wardrobe is now hanging in categories, T-shirts, jumpers, trousers, evening wear etc, so I feel much better and can actually find things to wear.  I have also started wearing more colours, mainly purples, but I am getting there.  You will be happy to know I bought and wore a bright red wrap-over dress to my friend’s daughter’s christening a few weeks ago and had lots of compliments – I am just amazed to have had the confidence to make such a statement.


I have really enjoyed the sessions we had and it has certainly made things much clearer. I now have an ‘eye’ for styles and colours I never really had before and I feel much more confident in what I wear and how I look.  I love my hair now (I am still growing it but experimenting with colours, which is fun) and I’m quite happy with how I am and look.  I am still at Weight Watchers, it is slow but steady, so all in all things are good.


I’m sure I will be back in contact next year for a Personal Shopping session, but in the meantime, let me have some brochures and I will put your name out there.

Amanda GAmanda G

Christmas 2008 I was asked, “Mum, what do you want for Christmas?”  What do you buy the Girl who has everything?  I don’t have everything of course, but understand; I am difficult to buy for and have very high, exacting standards.  “I don’t want you to be offended Mum, but I thought you may like some time with a Style Coach for your Christmas present”.  What me?  The one who always gets it right, who knows what she likes and goes for it…..what could someone possibly teach me?  And – can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Then I stopped and thought about it.  Was I in a rut?  Did I assume that as I had clothed myself for the last xx number of years, I was being kind to myself?   Did I wear the right colours?  Were they the best colours for my skin tone, my hair colour etc?  So I said “Why not”.  Bring it on.  And bring it on they did.  Gayle arrived one Saturday afternoon and we sat in the kitchen over a cup of tea and she started to work her magic.

Was I making the most of myself?  Did I accessorise my clothes?  Was I wearing the right shape, the right colour?  Slowly over our sessions I came to realise improvements could be made.  The colours – I am not a beige person, never have been and never will be – but I wore beige, which made me beige.  Gayle and I worked out and then talked about the right colours for me.  Blacks, greys, fuchsia pink, reds – all good and no beige…..

I was apprehensive at our first meeting, not knowing what to expect.  I was slightly defensive too, because although I wanted to embrace the experience, I was still concerned she was there to criticise me.   This she certainly did not.  Gayle was great.  She put me at my ease, opened my eyes to things I hadn’t seen.  I am far more aware about what suits me and what doesn’t.  What colours flatter and what don’t.  It’s a confidence thing, and if someone asks you, what do you get the Girl who has everything, or even some things – a session with Gayle is a must.

It was about a month after my final session when a close friend of mine asked me for Gayle’s details.  The reason – she thought she had done a wonderful job with me and wanted to recommend her to another friend.  Then I definitely knew it had been worthwhile!

Shelley TShelley T

In my younger years I was much slimmer and liked to stand out from the crowd and make a personal statement.  Having slowly put on weight, my wardrobe had become overloaded with black clothing – mostly because I thought it was ‘safe’ and ‘slimming’.  My low self esteem was excruciating at times, affecting my social life.  My Style Coaching sessions with Gayle included tips on how to dress for my shape, colour therapy, and how to make the best of what I had. We discussed grooming and make-up too, which was really good fun. This was followed by a wardrobe de-clutter and then personal shopping, during which we looked for specific items which would fill the gaps and were versatile enough to use in different combinations. Gayle helped me to focus on colour, something I hadn’t done for a very long time.


It was my workplace where the changes were most noticeable. I started to wear more colour and lovely accessories, which made all the difference. Lots of people started to comment on how good I was looking and the positive feedback was flattering and helped to boost my confidence.


It has now been over a year since my Style Coaching.  I have lost weight and I’m excited about shopping for clothes again. In fact clothes, shoes, handbags, make up and jewellery.  It feels good to have my confidence back and I am having the time of my life socially. I have worked very hard to get to this good place but it was Gayle’s advice and support that started me on my journey and I am very grateful for all her help.  I would not hesitate in recommending Gayle to anyone who needs help with styling, grooming and lifestyle changes – she is a lovely lady, very understanding and she knows her stuff!”

Amanda LAmanada L

Dear Ladies! I have had my first shopping trip, with beautiful Gayle. We started from me having make-up done at one of the stands in Debenhams/Chelmsford. That was a great start! Afterwards we walked around Debenhams, picking and choosing what might look good. And guess what? She was amazing! I felt comfortable all the time, Gayle was like a best friend. I did notice other women looking with jealousy. G is a great Style Coach! Honest, but sensitive. I got home with bags of new clothes and a new attitude! Ladies! G-Style Coaching is the way to go!

Ilona SIlona S

Gayle gave a fantastic Style Coaching Party at my home on Friday evening! I invited a number of friends, asking them to bring a bottle, and stocked up on nibbles. Gayle arrived laden with gorgeous clothes, fabulous shoes, information and a well-planned itinerary. Gayle explained how style coaching is a holistic experience in that she will deal with mindset and emotional wellbeing before looking at how you look. We then learnt about colours and the difference wearing the right colours for you can make. Next came body shape, when Gayle explained the 5 main shapes and how to dress to flatter each one. It’s all about balancing! She demonstrated using several outfits and accessories displayed on her trusted mannequin, “Lydia”. Gayle gave an interesting, professional but fun presentation and the evening was a great success. Thank you Gayle! Xx

Jennie BJennie B